Transfering all of your pet's identification and health data


  • Pet owners and veterinarians:
  • Lighten up on all the miscellaneous pet paperwork and use our Cloud databases to store all of your important pet data that stays with the pet for its entire life. Pet owners pay substanially to transfer all their pet records to a new location or new owner. Let's unburden the new vet from piles of new paperwork.

  • Many ways to store pet identification and health documents:
  • 1. Vet scan and upload

  • 2. Scan them yourself

  • 3. Upload them yourself

  • 4. Upload incoming email attachments

  • 5. Export from vet business systems, then import/upload

  • 6. Business system to business system document transfers

  • We support all of the above storage methods.

  • Shelters and Rescues:
  • Assuming a Shelter or Rescue has a VetMasterID account with all of their pet identification and health data stored in their PetMasterID database, the adoption transfer process becomes simple and fast. The new pet owner will receive an email with a link to optionally sign-up their new pet to a PetMasterID subscription. All of the current pet information is retained and available for the new owner to maintain for the life of the pet. The same transfer process can occur if and when the new owner chooses to transfer to a veterinarian with a VetMasterID account. In all cases the pet data remains with the most recent VetMasterID account.