How to monitor you pet's medication and reminders


Two methods are provided

  • The next appointment date and time with the pet’s primary care provider can be stored in the pet record. The pet owner can also specify whether to receive an appointment reminder and the number of days in advance to receive it. The reminder communication, by choice, is either Email or Text.

  • Trying to remember whether you administered a dose of medication to your pet, especially if it’s a medicine requiring two or three doses per day, can be a challenge to not miss a dose. Plus, avoiding over dosing can be stressful. It’s easy to be too busy to remember or as we age, our memories aren’t strong as they once were. So, with this PetMasterID tool, those concerns are alleviated as long as you scan the pet’s QR Code throughout the day depending on the daily frequency of doses and administer a dose of medicine when the Green Admin light is turned “ON” your pet will be well cared for. AND, remember to turn “OFF” the Green Admin light just before or just after administering the dose. On the smart phone you just touch the Green Admin light to turn it off. The Green Admin light will not appear after scanning again until the next time a dose is required.

  • This PetMasterID feature is very useful for anyone who needs to monitor and medicate animals. Shelters, Rescues, and veterinarians benefit from convenience this tool offers. Especially when they are providing temporary boarding care for a pet being medicated. If the pet has a QR Coded tag attached or if the pet’s QR Coded ID card is available, the monitoring care provider merely scans the QR Code.