How to share your pet's health records


Two methods are provided

Two situations for access:

  • 1. A need during traveling with your pet to visit a veterinarian for treatment of a pet health issue. As the owner, only you can authorize access. For an example of how this works follow this link: Example

  • 2. You have need at any time to share any of your pet’s health records. Simply use the same procedure example described above, but use your email address to obtain a direct link to view the health records.
  • 3. Within a Rescue organization, pets of all ages are available for adoption. Foster parents are dedicated to nurturing and providing appropriate medical health care to the pets they are parenting. Using this VetMasterID/PetMasterID application, storing and maintaining pet health care records is easy and simple to transfer during the adoption process.

  • 4. Foster parents within a Rescue organization, can see all of the other Foster parents and their pets within the Rescue. This capability expedites locating the right pets for future pet owners.

  • 5. All of a pet's paper-work is easily stored with the pet's PetMasterID account. The intention of this account is to retain all of a pet's records from birth to death. Transfering all records from one pet owner to a new pet owner is a simple as a couple of mouse clicks. In fact the first real transfer occurs when a foster pet is adopted and obtains a PetMasterID account. In fact, Foster parents within the same Rescue organization can easily trade pets and their data to other Foster parents. These records are safe and secure for the life of the pet.

  • 6. Rescue organizations subscribing to VetMasterID have a business opportunity to receive significant PetMasterId commissions. Ask us!

  • 7. With any Internet connected device go to the PetMasterID Signin page and provide your Account ID, User ID and password. When you reach the Pet Owner Account page, Select your pet from the list at the bottom of the page. On the pet’s information page, click or touch the red “Download Docs” button. Next, Select the document Category for a display list of all the documents available. Then, Select the desired document for viewing or printing.