How to immediately report a pet as lost

This example depicts the identification data of a pet about to be reported as lost. Touch or click the red "LOST PET ALERT" button. The next smart phone display will ask for information.

Please enter to the best of your ability, the information being requested in the red status box. Touch or click the date lost and use the dropdowns for the Hour, Minute, amd AM or PM. An optional short message can also be provided. Then, touch or click the red "Send Alert" button. In a few seconds you will receive the following message in a yellow Status box. "This pet was successfully added to the Lost Pet database" and can be viewed at Two Emails are sent immediately.

One is sent to your pet's primary care provider and one to the pet owner that will contain the identification information sent to the Lost Pet database. The pet owner email also contains a Security Code. This Code is needed for removal of the Lost Pet data from the Lost Pet database.

To remove Lost Pet data from the Lost Pet database, scan the pet's QR Code and touch or click the yellow "Pet Returned" button. A message will appear in the red staus box that says; "Please enter the Security Code emailed to you when the Lost Pet Alert was reported". Then, touch or click the yellow "Send Code" button. The following message will appear; "This pet successfully removed from Lost Pet database."

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