* Basic security benefit subscription


  • QR Code or microchip scan to access ID and medical information.
  • Store image of pet.
  • iPhone/Android used for immediate identification data.
  • Scanning a microchip supports Lost Pet identification.
  • A real-time "Amber Alert" significantly improves recovery time of lost pets.
  • A button touch sends pet identification data to the https://LostPet.PetMasterID.com lost pet website. See example
  • Animal shelters can use PetMasterID for pet identification and easy pet transfer to new VetMasterID care providers.


  • View a Summary list of all of their pets.
  • Update owner address and contact information.
  • Update pet information.
  • Make next appointment and receive email or textmsg reminders.
  • Monitor administration of medications.

** Available with an advanced health benefit subscription (includes security benefits)


  • Identify current pet medications.
  • Automatically indicate whether a current/active medication can be administered now.


  • VetMasterID supports storage of vaccine history and health certificates.
  • Veterinarians can easily/automatically request the medical history of a pet from the pet's primary VetMasterID care provider. See example
  • Easily transfer all of a pet's medical information to a new VetMasterID primary care provider.
  • VetMasterID can store and retrieve all documents related to a pet.


  • Treatment and invoice completion triggers email to owner that pet is ready to be discharged.
  • Emailed discharge notification contains optional link to view and pay invoice remotely.
  • Remote payment simplifies and accelerates discharge process for pet owner and veterinarian business.


All of the pet identification information is obtained by scanning a microchip or QR Code attached to a pet's collar. Or, a QR coded card in the pet owner's possession. Each time the code is scanned, the latest most up-to-date information is displayed. This dynamic system functions in real-time anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.


QR Codes can be scanned with any camera enabled device that is connected to the Internet. There are many free QR Code scanning applications that can be or are already installed on smart phones, tablets, desktops or laptop computers. Newer smart phone cameras can scan and read QR Codes. It's important to note the scanning device must have the capability to display the pet's information on the scanning device or display unit connected to the scanning device such as an iPhone or desktop computer.


Each pet has a unique universal QR Code that can be created multiple times and attached to different media. This web application creates the QR code and records it on ID cards and tags. It's also possible to have it encoded on other material and attached to a pet collar. A unique microchip provides access to the same information as a QR Code.


Anyone finding a lost pet can go to the https://LostPet.PetMasterID.com Lost Pet website to see if the pet is listed with Owner Contact Data.


Each time a pet is prescribed medication, the veterinarian enters the medicine and administration schedule into the system. To view this information, the pet owner or care taker can simply scan the pet's QR code to see if it is time to administer the next dose of medicine. After administering the medicine, click or touch the green "ADMIN button" to notify the system of its' completion. After all of the prescribed medicine has been administered, it no longer appears in the medication grid list when the QR code is scanned.


Animal shelters, veterinarian businesses and animal hospitals can use the PetMasterID pet page to store all documents related to a pet/animal. Documents can be easily uploaded and downloaded at any time. This capability reduces paper document storage. The usage of this system by animal shelters and veterinarian businesses provides a built-in method of transferring (at no charge) animal identification and medical information to a new primary care provider. This can be performed easily and quickly without the need for mounds of paperwork.


A convenient feature offers a pet owner the option of paying the veterinarian remotely. Service/work order completion triggers an email to the owner that their pet is ready to be discharged. The owner merely clicks on a link in the email to view or print the invoice. There is a PayPal "PayNow" button that the pet owner can click to complete payment. The veterinarian business will be notified immediately when payment has been completed. This should shorten the pet discharge time.


There are 4 methods of transferring pets to new owners or new veterinarian businesses.

  • One specific pet to a new pet owner at same VetMasterID account.
  • One specific pet and owner to a new VetMasterID account.
  • One specific owner and ALL the owner’s pets to a new pet owner at same VetMasterID account.
  • One specific owner and ALL the owner’s pets to new VetMasterID account.

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